Airline and aviation industry

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Airline and aviation industry

Messenger Amid fears of an economic slowdown in China, there is one sector that is not feeling the pinch. But success has come at a high cost for the women that fuel this industry.

In their effort to gain competitive advantage over one another and internationally, Chinese airlines have adopted some of the most retrograde and sexist employment practices, which many of their Western counterparts have been associated with historically.

Late leader Deng Xiaoping initiated this growth alongside the momentous wider economic reforms of the s. Airlines were made independent of military control and commercialised, transforming state-owned airlines into profit-driven businesses. By they had been consolidated into three big airline groups in an industry increasingly characterised by market deregulation, passenger growth and prosperity.

There are now 40 airlines in China.

Airline and aviation industry

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis ofthe Chinese airline industry rebounded with strong growth in passenger volume. Between andrevenue was growing at an annual rate of In response to this rapidly growing demand, the industry has had a pressing need to purchase more aircraft and recruit more staff.

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The latest figures show that the industry has more thanemployees. Flight attendants in the s. An unstable global economy, high fuel prices and established global competitors means that making a profit is highly challenging.

An important way that the airlines have sought to differentiate themselves — and increase profit margins — is through their cabin crews.

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A startling illustration of this has been the hosting of nationwide pageant-type fairs to select flight attendants. Although men were not excluded from applying, they did not appear in the televised selection process.

The physical appearance of cabin crew have been mobilised to strengthen the appeal of airline brands across the industry. Insecurity, stress and burn-out Rapid expansion in the Chinese airline industry has not only intensified the demand for flight attendants, but also led to a significant intensification of workloads.

This has created a highly pressurised work environment where women find few, or no, opportunities to take contractual leave or pursue career development. Women are dominant in the low-skilled service roles. Not only do men dominate the higher status and higher paid jobs from pilots to executivesthey also have the more senior positions as stewards.

Plus, the aesthetic and emotional requirements of their job roles — including age and appearance — makes them all the more insecure.Jul 10,  · The airline industry of post won't resemble that of today.

Airline and aviation industry

There are fundamental competitive and technological dynamics that will make traditional planning obsolete. Changes are already.

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Jan 01,  · The future of aviation: Airline leaders' predictions. What's in store for the future of flight? CEOs of major airlines have some provocative ideas.

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The Global Airline Industry, Second Edition provides a comprehensive introduction to the global airline industry. The perspective is international, drawing on the authors’ extensive experience with airline and air transport issues around the world.

Handbooks. Inspector Handbooks and Flight Standards Bulletins have been incorporated into FAA Order , Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS).Flight Standards Notices are available in the Publications section of to FSIMS Cross Reference to locate the handbook documents in FSIMS..


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