Banning beauty contests

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Banning beauty contests

France is pushing to ban beauty competitions but critics say it's not the pageants - it's the parents France is pushing to ban beauty competitions but critics say it's not the pageants - it's the parents.

Banning beauty contests

But it does hope to protect them from the pressures and pounding rhythms of the kind of child beauty competitions portrayed in Toddlers and Tiaras and The Tyra Banks Show. This week, lawmakers heard a report entitled Against Hyper-Sexualisation: A New Fight For Equality.

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It calls for a ban on beauty competitions for children. Chantal Jouanno is the French Senator who authored the report.

Banning beauty contests

More and more parents want to have this kind of beauty pageants, want to see their children make up, and this is really a new phenomenon in France, so, that's why we wanted to ban them -- because, you can have some rules, to say that during these beauty pageants children shouldn't be make up, or shouldn't wear inappropriate dress, but, in any case, it's infringing the principle of dignity of the human person.

Our duty, as a government, is to ban things which are contrary to equality, which are contrary to the dignity, and which are contrary to the high interest of the children French Senator, Chantal Jouanno The Senate has passed the bill.

Next, it must be adopted by France's National Assembly. But the debate over child pageants is ongoing beyond France's borders.

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Karen Kataline is a former child beauty pageant contestant and now a social worker. She is the author of Fatlash! Food Police and the Fear of Thin. She feels banning child beauty contests is not the solution.

The problem is with parents' behaviour and that's not addressed by the ban in France. Karen Kataline was in Miles City, Montana. Cartwright is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Arizona. She studies child beauty pageants and supports the ban on child beauty pageants in France.

She feels they sexualize girls at a very young age and fosters body image problems. Cartwright was in Phoenix, Arizona. She thinks pageants are a great way to instill self-esteem and that the contests are more than just beauty but about confidence, personality and interacting with the audience.

Liz McKinnon was in Langley, B. Should child beauty pageants be banned? What are your thoughts? Find us on Facebook. Or email us from our website. And if you missed anything on The Current, grab a podcast. More from this episode.Banning child beauty pageants could well free their early years of this plight – which would be nice.


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Child Beauty Pageant Parents Face Jail Under New French Laws; Beauty Contests. Child beauty pageants typically mean the contests are between the ages of 2 and About 5, child beauty pageants are held each year, with about , total contestants included.

Here’s one we didn’t see coming, about 6% of beauty pageant contests have suffered from depression. Visit this site for a List of Interesting Speech Topics. Free ideas and information with. Free Examples in our List of Interesting Speech Topics.

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Banning-Beaumont, CA - France wants to ban Honey Boo Boo-style pageants and crass child advertising. The former would never happen in the US, but the latter could.

Alberta will no longer import British Columbia wines, Premier Rachel Notley announced Tuesday, the latest in an ongoing spat over the $billion Trans Mountain pipeline schwenkreis.comans spent. Banning beauty contests would do little to destroy the ideal of beauty as it is prevalent in many other areas of society which are unrelated to Beauty Pageants such as advertising, fashion and the entertainment industry.

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