Gemini 8

March 16, See photos from that historic spaceflight here! Sitting in the front, from left to right, are the prime crewmembers astronauts David R. Scott and Neil A.

Gemini 8

Gemini 8

When they were over Mexico, Jim Lovellthe Houston capsule communicatortold them they needed one last correction, an 2. After 30 minutes of visually inspecting the Agena to make sure that it had not been damaged by the launch, they were given the go for docking.

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Armstrong started to move towards the Agena at 3. In a matter of minutes, the Agena's docking latches clicked and a green light indicated that the docking had been successfully completed. Yes, it's really a smoothie," Scott radioed to the ground.

Emergency There was some suspicion on the ground that the Agena's attitude control system was acting up and might not have the correct program stored in it this suspicion was subsequently found to be incorrect.


Just before they went off contact with the ground, the crew of Gemini 8 were informed that if anything strange were to happen, they were to turn off the Agena.

Armstrong used the Gemini's OAMS thrusters Gemini 8 stop the roll, but after the roll stopped, it immediately started again. Gemini 8 was out of range of ground communications at this time.

They decided to undock from the Agena so they could analyze the situation. Scott switched the Agena control back to ground command, while Armstrong struggled to stabilize the combined vehicle enough to permit undocking.

Scott then hit the undock button, and Armstrong fired a long burst of translation thrusters to back away from the Agena. Without the added mass of the Agena, the Gemini's rate of spin began to accelerate quickly.

Soon after this, they came in range of the ground communications ship Coastal Sentry Quebec. By now the spin rate had reached one revolution per second, giving the astronauts blurred vision, and putting them in danger of loss of consciousness. After steadying the spacecraft, they tested each OAMS thruster in turn and found that Number 8 had stuck on.

Almost 75 percent of the reentry maneuvering fuel had been used to stop the spin, [6] and mission rules dictated that the flight be aborted once the RCS was fired for any reason. Gemini 8 immediately prepared for an emergency landing. The original plan was for Gemini 8 to land in the Atlantic, but that was supposed to be three days later.

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Mason started to steam towards the new landing site kilometers east of Okinawa and 1, kilometers south of YokosukaJapan. Planes were also dispatched and the pilot of one Captain Les SchneiderUSAFmanaged to see the spacecraft as it descended precisely on time and target.

Three pararescuers jumped from the plane and attached the flotation collar to the capsule. Had Gemini 8 landed in the western Atlantic Ocean the scheduled recovery area as planned, it would have been recovered by the U. For several days after the Gemini reentry, the Agena vehicle was tested by a variety of maneuvers initiated by NASA ground control in Houston until its fuel and power were exhausted.

The Gemini 8 mission was supported by the U. Department of Defense with 9, personnel, 96 aircraft, and 16 ships. Gemini 8's troubles became apparent just as the major television networks in the United States and Canada were about to begin prime-time programming on the East Coast.

CBS went on the air first, just before 7: All three networks stayed on the air until the spacecraft had splashed down and the astronauts were safe. Cause and outcome No conclusive reason for the thruster malfunction was found.

The most probable cause was determined to be an electrical short, most likely due to a static electricity discharge. Power still flowed to the thruster, even when it was switched off.

To prevent recurrence of this problem, spacecraft designs were changed so each thruster would have an isolated circuit.

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Robert Seamanswas attending a celebratory dinner sponsored by the Goddard Space Flight Centerat which Vice President Hubert Humphrey was the guest speaker, when the problem arose. This gave the Deputy Administrator the option of performing independent investigations of major failures, beyond those failure investigations for which the various Program Office officials were normally responsible.

It was also invoked after the next critical in-flight failure, which occurred on the Apollo 13 lunar mission in April Learn why the Gemini Woman and Sagitttarius Man couple rates a score of 6/10 for their compatibility in romance, passion, friendship, sex, .

January 8 Family: Atlas. Launch Vehicle: Atlas SLV-3 Agena D.. Gemini Agena target vehicle (GATV) completed its final acceptance tests at Sunnyvale, after an elusive command system problem had made it necessary to rerun the final systems test (January 4). Gemini est le second programme de vols spatiaux habités lancé par les États-Unis après le programme schwenkreis.comalé entre celui-ci et le programme Apollo, il a pour objectif de permettre à l'astronautique américaine de maîtriser des techniques de vol spatial que la capsule spatiale Mercury, trop rudimentaire, ne permettait pas de tester: les sorties .

Mar 01,  · Gemini 8 (officially Gemini VIII) was the sixth manned spaceflight in NASA 's Gemini program. The mission conducted the first docking of two spacecraft in orbit, but suffered the first critical in-space system failure of a U.S.

spacecraft which threatened the lives of the astronauts and required immediate abort of the mission. .

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We’re here for you. While docked with the Agena, Scott noticed on the Flight Director Attitude Indicator (sometimes called the 8-ball) in front of Armstrong that the Gemini-Agena had rolled 30 degrees off the horizon.

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