How to write a great about us page

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How to write a great about us page

You give your customers a look into who you are, who your company is, and you build the trust they need to move forward with your business. Below are five best practices to keep in mind when crafting your About Us page.

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The funny ones, the proud ones, the ones that make you wince looking back at them. Pick a story that you think captures the essence of your business and what it represents and then use your About Us page to tell it to your customers.

Maybe it was the day you first opened the business. Maybe it was your third anniversary when you looked around at what you had created. Avoid writing down your whole company history or regurgitating your company mantra.

Instead, use your About Us page to tell a story that introduces customers to your business, displays your values and, most importantly, captures their attention and makes them want to learn more.

Potential customers want to know why they should trust you with their business. Why should a potential customer trust you with their business? This is your chance to let them peek behind the curtain and see what your team looks like.

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Get personal by including pictures of yourself, your real staff no stock photosthe outside of your establishment, the office dog, etc. I mean to convey what kind of a business you are and what they can expect from their experience with you. What sets you apart from everyone else?

It may also mean linking to interior content that highlight content or views you think are important. Tell them how to get to know you better Provide links to other places you reside on the Web, be it a Twitter account, Facebook account, or a link to another social media forum.

As consumers, we like checking out how a company responds on Twitter or how they use Facebook to help us make judgments about what type of business they are. Those are the five things I look for when evaluating a business or personal About page.

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how to write a great about us page

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how to write a great about us page
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