Mis 562 quiz

Chapter 14, problems You forecast attendees. Assume that there is no inventory on hand of any of the items.

Mis 562 quiz

Part 1 Create the tables from demo. This will create some tables and insert data into them. View the script in notepad to determine the table names that were created.

Use the describe command to view the structure of the tables. Please use the template below to provide your solutions. Please truncate to 20 rows, if output is more than 20 rows.

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If you combined demo. Write SQL statements to solve the following requests. Question 4 pts per question SQL statement or answer 1. List all employee information in department Use the between operator.

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Select all employees that are in department 10 and Use the IN operator. Use the substring function or a wild card. List the employee names in alphabetical sequence. List the job, Mis 562 quiz, and employee name in job order and then salary in descending order.

Show a list of different jobs. Show employee names, salary that has not earned a commission yet. Show the employee name, salary, commission, and the total of salary and commission. Be sure you evaluate null values correctly. Determine which student does not have the first letter the last name capitalized.

Show the instructor last name and the phone number that is in the incorrect format. Write a SQL statement that converts a date datatype to a char datatype.

Write a SQL statement that convert a number value to a character.

Mis 562 quiz

Part 2 Please use demo. Question 2 points per question SQL statement or answer 1. How many employees are working at each job in each department and what the sums and averages are for the salary of those employees?

Show the employee name with the maximum salary 4. Show the average salary for all employees that are not managers. What is the difference between the highest and lowest salary? Select employee number, name for all employees with salaries above the average salary.

Question 2 points per question SQL statement or answer 7. Show the state and the number of zip codes by state. Order the result by number of zip codes in descending sequence. Which city has the most zip codes assigned to it?

Order the result by number of zip codes in descending sequence and exclude all states having less than 5 zip codes. Using the text schema, write a SQL query that displays the following:MIS Quarterly, Vol. 30, , , on the site Pei-Yu Chen 6 years, 1 month ago Pei-yu Chen wrote a new post, Shinyi Wu, Lorin Hitt, Pei-yu Chen, and G.

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Mis 562 quiz

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chapter sale of mortgaged personal property; similar offenses chapter public nuisances chapter abuse, neglect, and exploitation of elderly persons and disabled adults.

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