Mobile phones using should be banned

Getty I admire the French. Not simply for their fantastic food, their joie de vivre or their working conditions but for their no nonsense attitude to government policy. Never has this admiration been greater felt than when I heard they had banned mobile phones in school ; and I hate mobile phones. They have been proven to distract people who are simply sitting near them, allow secret communication that enables bullying and gets in the way of so much of the good work that can be achieved in schools.

Mobile phones using should be banned

The Environment The world's use and reliance on technology is increasingly becoming more prevalent. In terms of the use of technology in schools it is a very debatable topic. Each year a growing number of high school students have cell phones and smartphones and use them to communicate not only with parents but also as a calculator, dictionary and to take notes.

Although cell phones may be useful in the classroom in many ways, on the other hand they can hinder learning when students use the phones to surf social sites, play games or text instead of paying attention to the lesson.

As a result some teachers and administrators support the ban on phones in schools.

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This action has initiated the debate, should cell phones be banned in schools? In this paper, it will be argued that administrators and teachers should not ban cell phones in schools.

Today we live in a technological age in which our schools must reflect the need to prepare our young people for the world.

Banning cell phones in schools prevent students from using technology which is very important for success in professional and personal life in the 21st century. Current generation smartphones can be used for many things including searching for information, taking notes, reading and replying to emails and organizing a calendar.

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It would be a shame not to implement the use of these devices in class when it is so important that students have opportunities to improve the 21st century skills they will need in the world outside school.

In an article in the online magazine "Education," the importance of empowering our students in the information society in which we live was discussed.

Mobile phones using should be banned

Cell phones can be a tool for learning. The use of mobile operative education is essentiMobile phones have become ubiquitous in Africa. Among younger users, basic phones are most common. But more pupils are accessing smartphones that can connect to the internet – and taking them.

France isn’t the first to outlaw the devices—there’s an ongoing international debate over whether phones should be allowed in schools. Apr 24,  · 1. Argumentative Essay Should Mobile Phones Be Allowed in School Smartphones: Mobile Phone - Words.

to tell a cell phone apart from a Smartphone is to determine whether or not the device has a mobile operating system. A brief discussion of some of the pros and cons of allowing mobile/cellular phones in schools.

Mobile phones using should be banned

In our news roundup published earlier this week, there were reports that the Government of Barbados intended to revisit its posture on mobile/cellular phones in schools. A restaurant in Leamington Spa has banned its customers from using mobile phones while dining.

The school allows simple mobile phones to be kept in bags in case a parent needs calling when a journey to or from school goes wrong.

There isn’t a panic about some of the very real issues around increased screen time and social media with children.

No, mobile phones should not be banned in UK schools