My quest for peace as a homosexual

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My quest for peace as a homosexual

A quest for peace in my life A Christian Science perspective: On finding a deeper sense of peace. Where does it come from? How can we get it? There are many things, small and large, that sometimes try to undermine our sense of inner peace — health issues, relationship problems, family and work pressures, disturbances around us, to name a few.

One morning recently I was feeling a deep need for peace in my daily life.

My quest for peace as a homosexual

I knew from experience that a deeper sense of peace could be found through prayer. I would venture out on a safari of a different kind — a search of the Bible to find out more about the true source of that seemingly elusive thing called peace.

That Bible verse clued me in to the fact that true peace is not just that extreme quietness that one might find in a library. It is the harmony of spiritual reality, and can be found in getting better acquainted with God as our creator see Genesis 1: As the Bible points out see I John 4: This Love, by its very nature, is a constant, comforting, and always harmonious presence.

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Our real identity is the spiritual reflection of infinite Love. But how can we feel the presence of harmony in our everyday lives when things get chaotic, noisy, and frustrating?

And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: That particular morning, better understanding that I was a deeply loved child of our divine Parent made me feel peaceful again. I became less agitated about what was going on around me as I acknowledged my uninterrupted relationship to the loving presence that is God.

My quest for peace as a homosexual

What a timeless and comforting message, lighting the candle of peace for us all!The non-gay homosexual is a man who experiences a split between his value system and his sexual orientation. He is fundamentally identified with the heterosexual pattern of life.

The non-gay homosexual feels his personal progress to be deeply encumbered and by his same-sex attractions. The author of My Quest for Peace is a dreamer, yes, yet he is deeply rooted in the harsh reality. Kis-Lev’s book is an extended test of his own capacity to maintain the principles of peace in full view of the brutality that surrounds him.”.

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My Quest For Peace is another lightly raced, highly credentialed northern hemisphere entrant for the Cup. The five-year-old came up just short against some of the best stayers in Europe before. “My quest for truth began with Bible Stories for Children” How I Reclaimed My Sexual Reality and Found Peace, has weighed in over the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse crisis, saying that the church needs to admit that it has a homosexual priest problem and must stop ordaining men with homosexual inclinations to the priesthood.

My Quest For Peace: One Israeli's Journey From Hatred To Peacemaking - Kindle edition by Jonathan Kis-Lev.

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Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading My Quest For Peace: One Israeli's Journey From Hatred To Peacemaking/5(K). A Gay Man's Quest for Real Change Within Homophobic Religion The context of my journey through the homophobic landscape of religion is fundamentalist Christianity and Mormonism, but this quest.

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