New hopes in the fight against cancer essay

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New hopes in the fight against cancer essay

I've already debunked Rife machines and vibrational medicineGerson therapyand marijuana as cancer cures. David Gorski has ablated and embolized Burzinski's antineoplaston nonsense.

Not a single documented case in the history of western medicine.

New hopes in the fight against cancer essay

There are also millions of people who were treated with chemotherapy who are considered cured or "in remission," an expression that seems to mean "we can't detect any cancer with our current tests.

Hoxsey herbal therapy Available scientific evidence does not support claims that the Hoxsey herbal treatment is effective in treating cancer, and there have been no clinical trials of the treatment published in conventional medical journals.

According to inventor Harry Hoxsey, his anti-cancer tonic contains potassium iodide, licorice, red clover, burdock root, stillingia root, barberry, cascara, pokeweed, prickly ash bark, and buckthorn bark. The diet involves eliminating pork, vinegar, tomatoes, pickles, carbonated drinks, alcohol, bleached flour, sugar and salt, and emphasizes iron, calcium, vitamin C, yeast supplements and grape juice.

He's been convicted of practicing medicine without a license several times in the U. Hence, his retreat to Mexico. According to a report from the U.

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In a separate review, the National Cancer Institute investigated patients who were reported as cured by Hoxsey.

Patients or their families were interviewed, and all records were carefully reviewed. These patients fell into 3 groups: Out of the cases, not 1 case of a Hoxsey cure could be documented.

In some animal studies, a few of the individual herbs contained in the Hoxsey treatment showed some anticancer activity. That's hardly enough evidence to recommend Hoxsey's tonic as a natural cancer cure. The overall argument for noni juice as good for preventing and treating cancer is based on the belief that the results in the lab and on lab animals show that noni juice will work in living humans to prevent and treat all kinds of cancers.

Some think that phytochemicals in noni work like a miracle drug in preventing and curing cancer. Others have found, for example, that concentrated noni juice reduces angiogenesis in tumor samples in the lab or that noni juice reduces mammary tumor growth in some mice.

From these studies they reason that noni juice will work in similar ways in living human beings. Maybe it will; maybe it won't.

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