Online shopping mall business plan

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Online shopping mall business plan

Mommy Mall is a trade platform for moms. If you are experiencing problems with paying EFT via Capitec, please note that the service is not supported by your bank.

Capitec VISA card payments are accepted. What other moms are saying Mommy Mall has opened up my world in a way I could not have imagined. Yes, its about the shopping, the selling, the hustling and way more it embraces ALL moms.

I love the camaraderie! Cindy Dlamini Mommy Mall is the place to be. A place to sell, shop, meet friends and collaborators. It has given my company the boost it needed and me the kick to want to succeed. Annerie Smit Mommy Mall is an innovative and inspiring destination where you can shop and meet strong women in business.

It definitely create a better life by helping me promote my business; helping me birth a new one; and helping to make a better income to help give my family that little bit extra that we always need.

So easy to use, and everyone on the mall helps each other out! Nelia Smit Mommy Mall has allowed my business to have more likes than what it did before I became a member. I am more than confident that it will reach and it will be because of the awesome moms in Mommy Mall.

online shopping mall business plan

Jenilee Bedien Carolus Love to see a place where moms build each other up instead of tearing one another down — such a wonderful initiative — well done to the admins for fabulous and well run pages.

I would love to see a Mommy Mall market in the future. Payfast allows Instant EFT transactions. If you are with Capitec, you will have to call them to get a clearance code to pay online.

If you have any trouble or wish to do a manual transfer, please contact us.

Business Plan: Online Shopping Mall

I would like to register my business; how do I do this? Please follow this link below and view our offer to get your business listed in the Mommy Mall Business Directory: When will I receive my welcome email?

Your welcome email will be sent to you after payment has been made. Then check your SPAM folder. My listing does not appear in the search results. What do I do? Firstly, make sure that you have updated your profile. This makes it easier for people to find your listing when searching for those terms.

Payfast is asking me for a password. When this happens, please try to register using your laptop or desktop computer instead. If you still have trouble, contact us.

How many photos can I upload to my profile page? You can upload a maximum of 9 photos. I forgot my password? Please see the welcome email that was sent to you for your password.

Once you have successfully done so copy and paste the link and password somewhere safe for future use. I need to edit some information in Mommy Mall Business link, how can I do this?

In order to edit information in your listing or update pictures you will have to log back into your dashboard with the log in details provided to you in the welcome mail sent when you sign up.

My profile page takes long to load. Please check your internet connection and make sure that you can access other websites as well.

If you feel that it is still too slow, please contact us Do I have to advertise my business on the Facebook groups?This business plan for a virtual reality application is an example of how state-of-theart technology can become the basis for a popular start-up business.

It discusses the use of a virtual shopping kiosk that allows customers to connect via video teleconference to .

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