The creative writing friday on the beach

One more week, its little successes, etc. Highly recommended, especially for us newspaper readers constantly fussed-up over national crises — from a train, you see the solidity of the country, its infrastructure, factories, warehouses, everything working remarkably well.

The creative writing friday on the beach

Suggested courses for English majors and other Humanities students: Reading and Writing the Marine Environment 5 credits: UW Professor Richard Kenney; Sierra Nelson, MFA Inspired by writers, artists, scientists and naturalists who have taken the sea for their subject, this is a marine-minded literature and writing course intended for readers and writers from all disciplinary backgrounds, engaging both creative and critical processes.

The creative writing friday on the beach

What book is an unparalleled extravagance of literary ambition and style, a firsthand observatory of sea and life at sea, a serious natural history of cetacean mammals, an apparently bottomless mirror for American philosophical self-reflection, at once a mythic quest and a white-knuckle adventure story?

Moby Dick, our principal quarry. In all cases, this will be reading from a writerly perspective, considering the technical aspects of literary art, asking in a The creative writing friday on the beach way how this work is done. Or, in a broader sense, how does a mind move from sea to seascape—from Nature to its representation—in any medium?

What are their various intents and purposes? How does nerve by language nudge the world and come away with an impression?

Our conversation will draw courage from large questions like these and others we may wish to bring to the table.

Meanwhile, our principal considerations will be practical: Interested students should speak with the instructor on the first class day of the program.

UW Professor Richard Kenney; Sierra Nelson, MFA Integrated with the literature class, this hands-on course further engages students through a series of generative creative writing experiments inspired by science and literature of the sea, as well as a dynamic roster of Visiting Artists and Scholars whose readings, lectures and prompts will focus our binoculars and microscopes more carefully on the language and skills of craft.

Culminating in a portfolio of new creative writing and providing a more critical pressure toward revision than the parent class may permit, this course ignites new approaches to the creative process and develops conversational critical faculties in a communal setting. Previous creative writing experience is not required; curiosity and engagement is a requisite.

During the quarter we will take a broad tour through the plants and animals of the marine realm plankton, seaweeds, invertebrates, fish, birds, and mammalsexploring how these organisms have adapted to life under water. Enrollment limited to 30 students.

For additional information contact: Biology of Fishes 5 credits: Adam Summers FHL is an introductory course designed to provide an overview of the wonderful world of fishes, their kinds and ways. Integrative Oceans 4 credits: Dr Louise McGarry We will learn about the processes that control the large scale surface and deep water circulation of the ocean.

We will look at the distribution of temperature, salinity, and chemical tracers to detect the circulation pathway of currents in the deep sea. In the surface ocean, we will learn how the ocean responds to forcing from surface winds and how this response controls the pattern and speed of surface currents.

Topics include temperature-salinity analysis; Coriolis force, geostrophic equilibrium, upwelling, water mass identification; water, salt, and heat budgets; advection and diffusion. The course is both quantitative and descriptive.

Thus familiarity with basic concepts e. Although the exams and problem sets are quantitative, the mathematical skill level is fairly basic. Basic familiarity with Excel, or a similar spreadsheet program, will be needed for some problem sets.

Enrollment limited to 20 students. We will also engage in lectures and class activities to gain skills in gathering, analyzing, and presenting data. Mary Gates funding may be available for UW-matriculated undergraduates. See the FHL website for details. For additional information, contact Dr Megan Dethier.

The first step is longing: If I could live in a hut on an island and do nothing but write and talk about poems for the rest of my life, I would. The second is a romantic leap lapse of judgment: Resident and Non-Resident tuition rates apply. The UW has not yet established tuition rates for the academic year; please check back in July or August.

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