Tv impact on youth

Inthe American psychologist Huston conducted a research on TV watching and found that by the age of 16, the average American child has spent more time watching TV than attending school Even rural families have access to television. Since it is reaching such a large number of people thus it has a major impact on the lives of these people.

Tv impact on youth

Tv impact on youth

Description "Today's youth are no fools and are far more sophisticated than they were 20 years ago, when many of today's youth advertising guidelines were written", says Jerry Mc Gee who ran perhaps the largest advertising agency.

Marketing to the youth is a delicate issue. Because of the combination of color, sound and action, television attracts more viewers than any other medium with the exception of cinema.

TV is perceived as a persuasive medium of communication. Besides these, gender-focus, gender-orientation are used as advertising techniques and strategies. These factors have provided the motivation to write this research paper. Television the flourishing medium of the advertising world, proves to be effective as it appeals to both the eye and the ear.

The audio-visual impact generated when a product is shown and its uses demonstrated, wins over many a buyer.

Event aims to have positive impact on young people

Nevertheless, it is a very expensive medium of advertising and requires judicious use. Television has a tremendous influence on the way youngsters view the world.

They spend more hours watching TV than they spend in the classroom. Apart from the entertainment value, a positive aspect of television viewing is that people get to see different lifestyles and cultures. Though TV can be a good teacher, many watch TV excessively, only to be negatively influenced by it.

Tv impact on youth

Youth are considered to be passive viewers who watch all that flits across the screen, and swallow every message. It may not be true. They deserve special attention because they are prone to accept and orient their views of life according to the dictates of TV programs and the advertisements shown on TV.

At the same time a good number of them are often smart enough to see through the tall and misleading claims of advertisers. Several brands are targeted specifically at the youth. In the Indian context, however the purchasing power of the majority of youngsters is limited that most advertising has little relevance to their buying behaviour.

The impact the TV has on them depends on many factors such as- how much they watch, their age and personality, whether they watch alone or with adults, and whether their parents talk with them about what they see on TV. Advertising is useful not only for the advertiser but also for the consumer.

It provides the advertiser a mechanism to interact commercially, economically and conveniently with the target audience. It also provides the consumer the knowledge about products and the launch of new products. A Study, advertising agency, advertising techniques and strategies, mass communication, TV programs, Indian context.The misrepresentation of people from under-represented groups in the media negatively affects society.

We want to change this.

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Television's Impact on Kids Television According to the Active Healthy Kids Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth, Canadian youth ages average about six hours of screen time per day, with TV programs (watched on a variety of different screens) accounting for much of this time.

TELEVISION. Television has the potential to generate both positive and negative effects, and many studies have looked at the impact of television on society, particularly on children and adolescents (1,2).An individual child’s developmental level is a critical factor in determining whether the medium will have positive or negative effects.

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