Visit to a historical place in karachi

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Visit to a historical place in karachi

The Sultanate of Oman is a fascinating country located on the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. It is famous for its breathtaking fjords of desert mountains and waters of a beautiful shade of blue.

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Quick facts about Musandam: Located on the Musandam peninsula Is an exclave, separated from the rest of the country Kumzari is the language around Kumzar There is a fast ferry service between Musandam and Muscat Four provinces: To get there, you can also take the fastest ferry boat in the world, connecting to the capital Muscat.

This fortress was rebuilt and looks stunning.

Quick facts about Khasab Fortress: Buildings with Eastern African wooden balconies and several seafront fortresses make Muscat a peaceful and relaxing destination. Quick facts about Muscat: There are several deserted beaches where you can see turtles laying eggs.

Visit to a historical place in karachi

Quick facts about Masirah Island: I drove up departing from Al Hamra until Ar Rustaq, on the other side of the mountain.

These tracks are to be made with a 4wd, but I drove a regular city car. If by chance you also do it I mean, without a 4WDI advise you to drive very carefully. Quick facts about Jebel Akhdar: The whole area is a complex of Muslim pilgrimage.

In Islam, Job is considered a prophet, and his name is known in Arabic as Ayoub. This site is located on the mountain in Salalah region.

Quick facts about Job: Very well preserved, this castle has an interesting ethnographic museum, showing various aspects of life and culture from the region.

Quick facts about Taqah: Well-preserved castle built in the 19th-century Taqah is a coastal town in the Dhofar governorate Shaikh Al-Afeef is the name of Taqah mosque Taqah grew as an exporter port of myrrh Fishing and agriculture are the main resources of the population Taqah has two forts, one of which has been restored.

You have to drive through desert tracks and arrive at an isolated village. At the end of the village, there is a small farm with lots of animals, including several camels you can make friends with.

Quick facts about Shisr: This was one of the great centers of Frankincense production of South Arabia.

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The ruins are spectacular, with the amazing surrounding scenery. Quick facts about Sumhuran: Ibn Batuta visited this site in and reported its beauty. Most of the buildings of the citadel would be built in a typical architectural style of the region of Dhofar, mixing wood and stone.

Quick facts about Al-Baleed: The Samail Hosn, or Samail Castle, is surrounded by mountains and huge palm trees.


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