Writing a good telemarketing script

How to Write a Telemarketing Calling Script by Contributor - Updated September 26, The art of calling customers has been initiated since the early days when the telephone was first invented. For years, telemarketers have been calling consumers asking for a sale.

Writing a good telemarketing script

How to Hire the Best People for Your Business Walker Oil Company offers maintenance service for oil heating units and home or business delivery of oil. They have chosen to broaden their customer base by implementing a telemarketing program. The following is an interaction between a Walker Oil Company telemarketer, Jenny, who is using a script, and a prospective customer, Mr.

Adams, whom she has contacted. Adams Coffee and Bagel Shop, how may I help you? Hello, may I speak to Mr. How are you today? As you may or may not know, Walker Oil is one of the oldest and best-known oil companies in Massachusetts, with a reputation for high-quality oil, excellent maintenance service, and timely delivery.

Adams, could you tell me if you use oil, gas, or electric heat at your restaurant? We use oil heat. While oil burners are fuel-efficient workhorses, they do need regular maintenance to prevent costly fuel bills.

Could you please tell me if you have had your burner inspected or cleaned in the past six months? I would like one of our service people to stop by so that you can take advantage of our free inspection and cleaning.

Is Wednesday afternoon at 2: I completely understand, Mr. Walker Oil is known for delivering efficient and affordable solutions for heating.

In addition, you will also save a lot of money each year on your fuel bills with our free annual cleaning and inspection service. My burner seems to be working just fine. Adams, do you remember how cold it was last winter? Fuel prices skyrocketed and many people had burners that broke down during the coldest weeks of the year.

With our free annual inspections, you never have to worry about breakdowns during those fierce cold spells. Okay, well, I suppose I could see you Wednesday.

Adams, this offer will allow you to have peace of mind this winter knowing that you took the time to have your burner inspected and cleaned, thus reducing your overall fuel costs.

Plus you get a free oil fill-up when you sign up for our regular oil delivery service.

writing a good telemarketing script

Adams, I have you down for Wednesday afternoon at 2: We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Have a pleasant day.Telemarketing campaigns can be a success only if the script is good. Even the tone and use of compelling language are two important factors on the basis of which cold calling can become effective.

Companies need to build an effective telemarketing call structure in order to reap maximum benefits. I’ve written, tested, re-written, tweaked, copy edited, composed, marketed, reviewed, and used thousands of telemarketing scripts over the last 26 years.

I’ve written, tested, re-written, tweaked, copy edited, composed, marketed, reviewed, and used thousands of telemarketing scripts over the last 26 years. But a good start point is to work on the points above to enable you to build an effective and compelling telemarketing call structure that will help you to generate more telemarketing appointments and more sales from outbound cold calls.

I've covered cold calls before, but here's a great cold-calling script from one of the world's top experts on cold calling, Keith Rosen, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling.

Click Here to Receive an Email with a Sales Script Example. Figuring out how to write a telesales script can be easier than you probably think.

There are just some key principles to get your hands around and it is smooth sailing from there.

5 Keys to Writing a Successful B2B Telemarketing Script